Are you planning a move that will take you over 2,500 miles from your home in San Diego to the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean? While this is not an overseas move, it may feel like one since you will be leaving the mainland United States. Bernardo Moving and Storage has a few tips to make your household move to Hawaii easier on you.

Think about Location

If you are moving for a job, you will want to live on the same island as you work on. There are no roads connecting you to the other islands. Try to stay within close proximity of your work to cut down on your commute time, which can really be extended during the tourist season.

Pack Light

Only pack the necessities when moving to Hawaii. Many homes come fully furnished on the islands, so pack only your family mementos and clothes. This will also reduce your shipping costs since you will probably spend most of your moving expenses on moving your vehicle to the Big Island or Maui or any one of the other islands.

Expect a Small Cost of Living Increase

When moving to the Big Island or any of the other islands expect to pay on average about 35% more for housing than you once did in San Diego. Other than housing, everything else on the islands costs just a little bit more than it did in San Diego, including food, utilities, transportation, and healthcare costs. The reason being is that many products must be imported to the islands.

When you are looking to move to the Hawaiian Islands, look to the San Diego movers, Bernardo Moving and Storage, to complete a full-service move (including vehicle shipping) to any of the following locations:

  • San Diego to Maui
  • San Diego to Honolulu
  • San Diego to Kona
  • San Diego to Hilo
  • San Diego to Oahu
  • San Diego to the Big Island (Hawaii)
  • San Diego to Kauai