Moving to a new home can be an exciting time, but it also involves a great deal of change and potential stress, too. The challenges are magnified when moving long distances with children. The key to rising to the challenge lies in planning ahead and preparing well. 

As experienced San Diego long distance movers, Bernardo Moving & Storage is here to help you make your relocation with children as smooth and easy as possible. From the packing process to the journey, and even unpacking and settling into your new home, we aim to take the stress out of your long-distance relocation with expert advice and professional services designed to make moving easy. Here are some of our top tips that can help families prepare for a seamless move, even with children on board. 

Discuss the Move as a Family

Adults usually find out about the prospect of a move long before they tell their children about it. While it’s natural to need time to prepare for a move before involving the little ones, the reality of the situation is that kids need time to process a move just like adults do. Waiting until the very last minute to let kids know they’re moving their lives to a new place can be extremely hard on them, which is why letting them know what’s going on as soon as you can always be a priority.

If this is their first move, understand that they might feel overwhelmed, anxious, or upset. Openly talk about how you feel about moving, what you are looking forward to, and what concerns you the most. Most importantly, reassure them that moving to a new house can be a positive experience for everyone involved, and you will stick together as a family to help each other through it. 

Plan for an Exciting Adventure, Not a Boring Move

Time flies when you are busy packing up and preparing to move. There is so much to do, but take some time to think about simple things that can make it easier for your children during relocation. For example, if possible, take them to see your future home. Let them pick their own bedroom and plan how they’d like to decorate it. 

It’s also a good idea to mentally prepare your kids for living in the actual city or town you’re moving to. Let them use the internet to research the area, cool restaurants or parks to visit, and other fun things to do in the vicinity of your new neighborhood. Keep all of your findings upbeat and positive, and start visualizing together what your new lifestyle might be like with brand new bedrooms, a different home, and the exciting adventures you’ll go on.

Include Your Children

Make moving a family project. You’ll be glad to have extra hands available to help, and the kids will enjoy getting involved. Give them the job of sorting out their clothes and toys. If there are things they no longer want or use, arrange for a garage sale or sell items online, and let the kids sell their items themselves. Pack a Last-Minute Moving Box

You may want to pack a last-minute moving box for each of your children. Let them choose a few of their favorite toys and games to go into this special box, and maybe some special snacks, water bottles, or drink boxes. You’ll be glad of these when your kids get bored and need something to occupy them while you are busy packing up. Having some familiar things readily available on moving day and once in your new place will also be a comfort to your children.

Prepare for the Journey

If you have a long distance move ahead, prepare to make it as fun as possible. Compile a few different playlists so you can have a sing-a-long in the car, which will make the trip seem shorter. If you don’t already own any, invest in some in-car entertainment gadgets to keep the kids occupied. 

Pack a journey survival bag with all the essentials, like hand wipes, tissues, travel pillows, and earplugs. And don’t forget to take plenty of food, drink, and snacks to munch on.

Make Your New House a Home

As soon as you can, unpack your most treasured possessions and hang some family photos. Filling your new house with familiar personal items will turn it into your home and make it easier for you and your children to feel settled. 

Once you’re in your new home, remember your promise to make the experience an adventure. Take some time out from unpacking and go exploring. If you’ve been researching the new area online with your kids, let them tell you what’s nearby and where to explore together as a family. Visit their favorite attractions, like water parks, lakes, or zoos, or investigate a family-friendly museum.

At Bernardo Moving and Storage, we understand the challenges of a long distance move with children. We offer friendly, reliable and professional services to California movers, and comprehensive solutions to take the stress and hassle out of your relocation.

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