Moving is a long and arduous process in most cases, requiring a long series of steps that can go back for months—depending on the size of the move. Whether the relocation is large, small, simple, or complex, one of the most important factors to consider first is the date of your actual move. Once that moving day is set in stone, it’s possible to build a timeline of the tasks that you need to accomplish—including making arrangements with local movers, real estate agents, and utility companies.

For people with some flexibility with their plans, scheduling the move during the right time of the year can be of crucial importance as well. While summer is one of the most popular choices for moving, the spring season is arguably the best time to relocate. Aside from being a season of new beginnings and transitions, there are several benefits of moving during spring, such as mild temperatures and longer hours of daylight. Plus, booking with a San Diego moving and storage company during this season is easier compared to scheduling a move during the summer.

Bernardo Moving & Storage is one of the most highly rated and trusted San Diego residential movers in the area. With more than four decades of experience in the moving and storage industry, our team of professional movers, packers, and moving consultants are very experienced in planning and executing exceptional moving projects throughout the year. In this article, we’ll share with you some of the reasons why moving in the spring can be such a great decision—and how to facilitate your moving experience with a springtime move this year.

Pleasant Weather Conditions

Starting later March to the early parts of June, the weather condition is typically nice. With the atmospheric condition being nice and warm, moving to a new home becomes much more convenient. Moving in the spring months means that you’re likely to deal with pleasant weather, and won’t have to worry about lifting, carrying, and transporting your belongings in the draining summer heat, or the potential hazards of heavy snowfall or traveling on icy roads.

Save Money on a Springtime Move

When you book your move during the summer, you will most likely pay more because the rates of local movers in San Diego and throughout Southern California tend to rise. In fact, Memorial Day weekend in May kicks off the start of the peak moving season in the United States and doesn’t end until Labor Day. During peak moving season, an estimated 60-70% of people moving within a year choose to relocate their households at this time. By avoiding the crowds and booking earlier during the spring season, you will be able to strike the best deals and take advantage of promos and discounts.

Availability of San Diego Residential Movers

Because spring is still considered as one of the low seasons for moving, finding and booking a reliable, professional moving company is much easier to do during this time. Plus, the moving company you choose will likely be available on the dates you need them—and will offer much more flexibility than over the summer season.

Spring Break: Perfect Time for Moving

If you have kids in school, it can feel like waiting to move until they’re off for the summer season or during winter break might seem to make the most sense. However, spring break is also a wonderful time to consider relocating, as the kids are off of school for at least a couple of weeks. In addition, the school year is almost coming to a close, which could mean they’ll love the idea of an extra long summer before starting in a new school.

Your No. 1 Choice for Moving and Storage in San Diego

More important than determining the right scheduling for your move is hiring the right San Diego moving and storage company to help you plan. For over 41 years, Bernardo Moving and Storage has been helping homeowners in San Diego, and other nearby areas move to their new homes with expert moving solutions and superior storage services. As an active member of the California Moving and Storage Association, we continuously strive to improve our performance and serve homeowners and corporate clients.

Aside from residential moves, our team of expert moving consultants, professional packers, trained movers, and reliable drivers are also experienced in commercial, industrial, and specialized moving and storage services. If you want to learn more about how Bernardo Moving & Storage can help you, contact us today or fill out this quick online form for a no-obligation in-home estimate.