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7 Summer Moving Tips

7 Summer Moving Tips

Moving is very rarely something people look forward to, but when it comes to relocating in sweltering heat during summer, it can be especially unpleasant. As an experienced San Diego moving company , Bernardo Moving & Storage has handled countless summer moves, and we’ve got some tips to he... Continue reading

Searching for A Moving Company with Google?

Searching for A Moving Company with Google?

If your in need of a mover in the San Diego area this year, how would you go about finding one? Many people rely on the internet to find the home services they are looking for. Google has upwards of 65% market share in online search. This makes them the place to be found for moving companies like us... Continue reading

Things to Think About Before Moving

When it comes to moving to a new home, many different factors are involved. The best way to go about things it to write everything down you will have to do prior, during and after the move. This will help you plan out ahead of time when you will need to do to get things done. This will also help out... Continue reading

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