San Diego Review

Overall I'd say it was a good move, but the packing seemed to take forever. I have unpacked MANY items that were wrapped that didn't need to be (e.g., shoes!)...this adds time to the equation. They arrived at 9am and lets say // navigating the truck and me telling them specifically what areas to pack up took an hour. So packing went from 10a-5p -- 7 hours to pack up what amounts to a 1bed/1bath/+office place? They also packed things I did not tell them to no point did I ask them to include a bar stool, yet I have one at the apt that I have to return to the house. Then they went for lunch (45min // leaving house and them arriving apt). Then 1.5-2 more hours to unload & set up the broken down furniture. I've never used packers before, so didn't know what to expect. But definitely didn't expect it to take 7 hours with 3 guys to pack me and for it to cost $800 more than I'd budgeted for. But again, in the end it all worked out and the guys were GREAT--very friendly, very adaptive.